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We are a committed group of professionals from diverse industries whose passion is to research the existing and possible consequences of modern lifestyles, dietary choices of the evolving world, and generate new ideas and solutions to address the pandemic of ever-emerging health issues facing humanity.


A pure concentrate of golden goodness in tablet form, that fortifies your immunity and has many other spectacular benefits.

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Presenting Ayurveda’s most trusted champion for boosting brain and heart health, and eliminating stress-related disorders.

Variants: 30/60 capsules

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Candida Cleanse
This mix of powerful ingredients keeps the Candida fungus at bay and strengthens your body's defenses against it.

Variants: 30/60 capsules

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Cranberry D-mannose
UTIs will become a thing of the past when you will rely on the power of cranberries and D-mannose!

Variants: 30/60 capsules

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Addressing the health of the weak and the marginalized sections of our society has been one of the key areas of focus in our work.

With a diversified product range in the field of dietary and nutrition fortifying supplements, Biotex works with stake holders in the areas of health and malnutrition.

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